Linear Functions: Project

On this project, you will draw your initials using line segments on the geogebra applet below or on this printout. You will then figure out the equations for all the lines and how to restrict the domain to draw your line segments. As a vertical line is not a function, we will use only oblique lines and horizontal lines.

You will need to submit 3 – 4 pages.

Page 1: Title page – your name, date etc. Write your initials on the first applet. Aim to have all line segments start/finish at integer values of x, y. Take a screen shot and put it on your title page.

Page 2: Show all your calculations for the algebraic relationship between the x and y coordinates on each line segment, including restrictions on the domain/range. It is likely that to lay your working out clearly you will need two pages for this part of the task.

Page 3: Enter your functions with domain restrictions here!

Use the ‘function’ command: 


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