Classroom Resources

These pages are designed for the inquisitive student to learn mathematics in and out of the classroom.

Most pages include one or more geogebra applet. Some have input boxes, designed with individual learners in mind. Others have check boxes, designed with dialogue in mind. Some invite students to create their own math, others are interactive demonstrations of a concept.

All of the applets on this site, and many more by a variety of authors, can be found on geogebra’s open access materials site, my file is here.

Geogebra is free to download or can be used online and is really helpful to use in the classroom both for teachers and students.

The website can be accessed reasonably well on small devices, however a larger screen is recommended for using the applets.


Math Foundations

For Fun: Symmetry

For Fun: Puzzles




Sequences and Series

Trigonometric Functions

3D Vectors

Integral Calculus

FMP 10 Course