Short bio …

My name is Lee, I began teaching mathematics in August 2000. I have taught in England, Norway, Costa Rica and in BC Canada. For 12 years I taught the IB diploma in the United World Colleges. I wrote the Mathematical Studies online textbook for kognity.com in 2014, and in so doing saw the potential for interactive classroom resources. I then downsized my career to be spend much more time with my fine family, and have gotten around to many things such as building a jungle gym in the garden and writing this website. I currently teach half time in my local high school – the sections FMP Grade 10 and AW Grade 11 are a work in progress for my current classes.

I love to make things and to problem solve. When I’m not figuring out the details of this website, I’m generally busy doing something: biking, woodwork, sewing, cooking, every now and again I manage to get my kayak out again. And if its before kid-bedtime, then I’ll have small hands company for all of that!

I have always enjoyed the rhythm of numbers and the beauty of patterns. So far, I haven’t put any extrinsic entertainment/reward on the site – no aliens or monsters, and even for the most part, not even ‘scores’! Hopefully there is enough experience on the site that learners develop their own sense of mastery, in a similar way to any other practical skill.

If you have ideas about how you think I should be developing this site, let me know. Comments can be left on the home page or on the contact form.