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Number line to zoom in/out Number Line 1
Number line for adding/subtracting Number line 2
Number patterns Fill the gaps 1, Fill the gaps 2
Negative number rules review Negative number rules
Negative number line scale Negative number line
Multiples on a grid Multiplication with Area
Multiples with an array 600 array dots, 600 array grid
Multiples (jump the line) Multiples on a number line
Multiples (circle sort) Recognise Multiples
Factors: n-point circle n-point circle
Highest common factor, lowest common multiple: small numbers HCF, LCM small numbers
Highest common factor, lowest common multiple: large numbers HCF, LCM large numbers
Fractions: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 Fraction board
Fractions: adding (area model) Add fractions
Fraction maker: rectangle Fraction Rectangle
Fractions: equivalent Equivalent fraction (number line)
Fraction of a quantity Number line fractions/read a scale
Fractions multiply area model Multiply fractions demo
Percentages 10% Number line
Percentages Percent Circle Diagrams
Simplify surds Simplify surds
Area introduction Area estimation quiz
Area, Perimeter Quadrilaterals Quadrilateral workspace
Area of Circle with triangles Inscribed polygons
Parallelogram Construct Parallelograms on a grid
Parallelogram area Explore parallelogram area
Pythagoras’ theorem explanation part1, part2
Question Bank:Pythagoras’ theorem Calculating with the Pythagorean theorem
Scale factor and volume Enlarge a cardboard box
Cartesian Plane
Blank x-y axes with 9 tools Cartesian plane 9 tools
Match a picture Birdhouse
Rectangles on the Plane
Linear Functions
Blank x-y axes with 7 tools and input bar Cartesian plane with input
Move 5 points to form a line Linear Functions 5 points
Move 9 points on fixed x coordinates Plotting points on linear functions
Slope, line segment (grid) Investigate slope
Slope, line, illustration (grid) Slope with sliders
Slope line segment quiz (grid) Slope line segment quiz
Slope, line quiz (grid) Slope line quiz
Slope, line quiz (coordinates) Slope between two points
Equation of a line, investigate slope y intercept Slope, y-intercept investigation
Identify a linear function using a dynamic point Identify a linear function
Question bank: Slope y-intercept Linear equation with slope y intercept
Question bank: Slope and point Linear equation with slope and point
Question bank: Any two points Linear equation with any two points
Question bank: x, y intercepts, slope, form Linear equation features
Question bank: Solve a system of linear equations Practice system of equations
Arithmetic sequence and linear functions graphed Arithmetic sequence and linear function
Right Angled Triangles Estimation Estimating sides/angles on right-angled triangles
Right Triangle with hypotenuse 1 Triangle Hypotenuse 1
Right Triangle with hypotenuse 1 with questions Triangle Hypotenuse 1 Investigation
Right Triangle with hypotenuse 1 for calculating with scale factor Triangle Hypotenuse 1 Calculations
Right Triangle Change angle and hyp Right Triangle variable angle/hyp, Investigation
Estimate sines/cosines given a right triangle hyp = 1 Estimate sine/cosine
Right Triangle First Quadrant Unit Circle Diagram First Quadrant
Sine, Cosine, Tangent Labels. Use with ‘First Quadrant’ app. Order sine, cosine tangent
Question bank: SOH CAH TOA and Pythagoras’ Theorem Practice Right Triangles
Investigate the sides of a non-right angled triangle When the triangle is not right-angled
Question bank: cosine law sides, angle
Cosine law proof Cosine law proof
Sine law illustration Sine law illustration
Sine law proof Sine law proof
Question bank: Sine and cosine law Practice sine and cosine law
Quadratic Functions
Add to Multiply to Add to multiply to
Question bank Factor Quadratic with a=1 Factor Quadratic a=1
Question bank Factor Quadratic with a\ne1 Factor Quadratic with a\ne1
Question bank Factor Quadratic with the Grid method Factor Quadratic Grid method
Question bank Factor Quadratic split the middle Factor Quadratic with Decomposition
y=x^2 plotted point by point First Parabola
Investigation into a, b, c quadratic function Introduction to quadratic functions
x intercepts found by factoring Factor to find roots
Illustrate/investigate vertex form Illustrate vertex form, Investigate vertex form
Match with vertex form and sliders Vertex Form: match the parabola
Question bank complete the square with a=1 Complete the square a=1
Question bank complete the square, identify vertex Vertex from vertex form
Complete the square a\ne 1 Convert to completed square form
Question bank Quadratic equations (no qf required) Quadratic equations 1 practice
Question bank: x intercepts to 2 d.p. Real Roots of a Parabola
Question bank: Quadratic functions mixed algebra Quadratic functions practice
Identify the parabola sudden death quiz Identify the parabola
Match the parabola with f(x)=ax^2+bx+c Quadratic function match
Bezier curve demo Bezier demo
POLYNOMIAL, Rational and generic Functions
Algebra Simplify Expression Expand, gather, factor
Vertical line test Vertical line test
Domain and Range 1 Domain and Range with Rectangles
Domain and Range 20 examples Domain and Range
Create a function 4 corners Example, Four Corners
Create a function: rectangle Example, Rectangle
Create a function: polygon Example, Polygon
Create a function: semicircle Example, Semicircle
Investigate \frac{1}{x} Understand \frac{1}{x}
First Rational Function y=\frac{1}{x} Point by point, Move the point
Question bank: Rational Functions Practice rational functions
Investigate vertical slide and stretch Vertical transformations
Investigate horizontal slide and stretch Horizontal transformations
Illustrate vertical/horizontal transformations Vertical and horizontal transformations
Question bank: Inverse functions Practice inverse functions
Question bank: Tranform graphs with key points Practice transforming graphs
Question bank: Transform graphs with parameters Practice transforming with parameters
Investigate: The graphs of polynomials Polynomials
Illustrate number of roots on a cubic Cubic with vertical slide
Question bank: Properties of polynomials Practice properties of polynomials
Question bank: Factor theorem Factor theorem
Illustrate: factored polynomial with graph Factored polynomial
Question bank: Remainder theorem Practice remainder and factor theorem
Circular Functions
Investigate: London Eye Ferris Wheel London Eye Ferris Wheel
From chords to sine Explore lengths of chords
Unit circle with colours Unit Circle Colour
Unit circle one value at a time Unit Circle 3 values
Unit circle with coordinates Unit Circle with point P
Unit circle order labels (no calculator, use with Unit circle colours) Sine, Tan, Cos Order
Reference Angles Illustration Trigonometry Reference Angle
Question bank: reference angles Reference Angle Calculation
Reference angles with coordinates Reference Angle Points
Question Bank: Exact Values (degrees) Exact Value Degrees
Question Bank: Exact Values (radians) Exact Value Radians
Sine curve Plotting the sine curve
Cosine curve Plotting the cosine curve
Sine, Cosine curves 4 shapes Sine, cosine, positive, negative
Sine curve vertical transformations Transform sine vertically
Sine curve focus on the period Transform with the period
Sine curve horizontal transformations Transform sine horizontally
Sine curve all four transformations Four transformations on sine
Question Bank: Range Period Range, period with Graphs, Range, period no graphs
Question bank: Curve Matching Sinusoidal graph match
Question bank: 12 sine and cosine graphs to identify f(x)=a sin(bx)+d, f(x)=a cos(bx)+d
Quiz on transformations Quiz calculate sine, cosine transformations
Question bank: Arithmetic sequences Arithmetic sequence practice questions
Question bank: Arithmetic sequences and series (with sigma notation) Arithmetic sequence and series practice questions
Illustrate sum of arithmetic sequence Arithmetic series visual, trapezoid model, Arithmetic series visual, rectangle modelGeometric Sequence fill the gapsGS Gaps 1, GS Gaps 2, GS gaps 3
Question Bank: Geometric Sequences Geometric sequence practice questions
Investigate: slope of tangent on a parabola Slope of tangent on a parabola
Question bank: Equation of tangent to polynomial Equation of tangent to polynomial
Calculate equation of two parallel tangent lines Tangents parallel to cubic
Volume of revolution Volume of revolution visual


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