Middle School Interactive Math Lessons

These middle school interactive math lessons can be assigned to classes.

To do a lesson, click the link and go ahead. To assign a lesson to a class, click the ‘google classroom’ or the ‘geogebra classroom’ button at the top right on the activity and follow the instructions. You will be able to see your students complete the task in real time on your own screen.

It’s possible to edit any activity by making your own copy.

Interactive lesson on linear functions


Geometry Description
Rectangle Robots Learn about rectangles: Length, Width, Area, Play & Create
Matching shapes Play with rectangles and triangles.
Parallelograms Define, play, calculate the area of a parallelogram.
Reflect 2D shapes Reflect various shapes over a line.
Enlarge 2D shapes with scale factor 2 and 3
Learn to measure angles Estimate and measure angles up to 180 degrees.
Polygons and Polygrams Create regular polgyons/polygrams and look for patterns.
Tilted Square: Investigate calculating the Hypotenuse before learning the Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagoras story Part 1 Explain Pythagorean Theorem: from tilted square to length of a diagonal.
Pythagoras story Part 2 Explain Pythagorean Theorem: from tilted square to a^2+b^2=c^2
Pythagorean Theorem Right Triangles, Use the Pythagorean theorem
Scale Factor and Area Investigate the relationship between linear scale factor and area.
The Cartesian Plane Description
Drawing with slope Copy drawings using slope
Plot the points Use all four quadrants to plot a simple image
Rectangles on the Cartesian plane Concept builder for the slope formula and the distance formula.
Animate a fish Use variables to generate motion
Linear Functions Description
Coordinates and Linear Functions Use written instructions to plot points on a linear function
Coordinates with a fixed x value Use written instructions to plot points on a linear function
Identify a linear function Use a dynamic point to help calculate the equation of a linear function
Linear Function Patterns Identify linear functions used to create a pattern
Tell the time Reading the analogue clock


Middle School Interactive Quizzes


Geometry Practice (no scoring) Quiz
Areas rectangles/triangles (one base orientation) Area Rectangles & Triangles Practice A Area Rectangles & Triangles Quiz A
Areas rectangles/triangles (two base orientations) Area Rectangles & Triangles Practice B Area Rectangles & Triangles Quiz B
Count/Calculate missing points on rectangles Rectangles and Points on the Cartesian Plane

Secondary interactive quizzes: tentotwelvemath.com/interactive/interactive-math-quizzes/
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