Whistler: Learn as you go

Get the software…

Download it! I find it more efficient to create materials using Geogebra offline.


At the bottom of the geogebra.org website, we see these links:

It’s worth a moment of two to surf through these. Check out the team – you will notice several of these people answering your questions on the forum, and as authors on shared geogebra materials.

To access the forum, click on the ‘Help’ in the Resources column. Search questions for answers already given, ask your own if you don’t find your answer.

Check out the partners. There’s really no ceiling when it comes to how sophisticated one can be as a geogebra creator.


Here is an introduction to scripting, and the main menu for scripting commands. It might be helpful to note that although there are many, ‘many’ is still finite. Each new command you learn multiplies creative opportunities. I find this page by searching for ‘geogebra scripting commands’.

Geogebra Tutorials

In order of difficulty:

A pdf Manual: Geogebra Manual V4  Written for the previous version but still for the most part relevant and full of applets that you can build yourself. See page 110 for a common favourite – a dynamic visual multiplier.

Emulate existing material

Another great way to figure things out is to emulate an applet already made. More challenging – take the idea and create it from scratch. Or, choose ‘make a copy’, then ‘download’. Then you can view the algebra, the scripting and so on.

Enjoy doing some of your own math!