Whistler: Getting Started with Geogebra

This workshop is specifically about writing an applet – an interactive worksheet that can be stored and accessed on Geogebra’s classroom resource area – for private, shared or public use.

15 minute tutorial for first time users

Here is a short tutorial for someone who is looking up Geogebra for the first time: Geogebra classic tutorial. It’s not necessary to download Geogebra to use the tutorial, but it would be handy to have Geogebra Classic 5 downloaded for the workshop.

Build this one

Here is a fairly common set of Right Angle Triangle Problems that I recently put together for my grade 10s. How about recreating the diagrams on geogebra classic?

The double triangle diagram has a few nice steps (also multiple approaches…).

Here’s a how-to video to walk you through.

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