Whistler: Geogebra Resources

Geogebra offers free storage space for your geogebra creations. You can choose whether to make your worksheets public, private, or share them with a link.

There is a significant quantity of worksheets shared on geogebra classroom resources. I’ve been through to hand pick a few and organised them by BC curriculum grade.

If you like what you find, click on the author to see what else they have to offer. You can then choose to follow that author. My personal choice is to follow certain authors, but to not receive updates by email.

Inspirational Math Visuals

9 Rotating Squares

Cats on a Ladder

Grade 9

Area of Quadrilaterals

Similar Shapes Enlargement of Figures

Integer Exponents (mine) Exponents (also organised on tentotwelvemath.com exponents)

Integer Exponents Product Property

Integer Exponents Exponents Game

Integer Exponents Properties of Exponents

Graph Linear Make a Linear Function

Graph Linear Table of Points

Graph Linear with two points Graph the Line

Solving Linear Equations: Application Problems (Money)

Solving Linear Equations: Application Problems (Rectangles)

Data Analysis: 3 minute video, Frequency Table and Histogram

Grade 10

That’s my specialty at the moment, but there’s others out there! I keep mine updated on tentotwelvemath.com/fmp-10, loosely gathered in my geogebra grade 10 book.

Grade 11

Angle Relationships from Tim Brzezinski

Angles Exterior Angles of a Polygon from Anthony OR

Linear Inequalities from Tim Brzezinski

Quadratic Functions from various authors

Quadratic Inequalities from Lindsay O’Donoghue

Sine Rule alternative starter diagram from Andy Tharratt

Sine Rule discovery problem on the same lines as Andy Tharrat, mine

Cosine Rule angle question generator (many questions same answer), mine

Cosine Rule side question generator (many questions same answer), mine

Grade 12

Asymptotes some examples from Ivan de Winne

Asymptotes a grapher from Tim Brzezinski

Sine and Cosine function, mine

Slope Secant, Tangent: Limit of Secant Slope

Calculus 1 & 2 Resources from Tim Brzezinski

Definite Integral Reimann Sum Illustration, from Malin Chrisstenson