Whistler: Gallery of Applets

This is a list of applets I’ve used recently with my classes. Geogebra applets might take a few moments to load if the wifi is being super-shared.




Plot the points

Line Segments


Ordered Pairs Linear Relation

Exploring a concept:

Pythagoras’ Theorem

Right angled Triangles

Visual Trig Values

Estimate a side/angle

Estimate (multiplication)

Practice a Technique

Expand, Gather, Factor

Trigonometry: Calculate a side length

Calculate the equation of a line through two points

Solve a system of two equations

Create your own math

Straight Edge and Compass Construction

Sequences of Circles

Star Diagrams

Exploding particles

Classroom Implementation

It takes more than just the resource. For learning to occur with the laptops as a resource, it’s helpful to create a picture that works – laptop at the side of the desk, notebook and pencil at the front of the desk. About a quarter of my lessons are ‘laptop lessons’, it is important to me that a significant portion of lessons are ‘laptop free’.

For exploring a concept, I find that having an identifiable end to the task is helpful, and so I generally include a reasonably short list of questions.

For developing skills, I use these applets as a basis of assessment for half of the course grade and allow the students to self assess. Each student gets their own questions; they correct and trouble shoot as they go and my key question to them when they tell me they’ve mastered a skill is whether or not they think that will be able to recognise and solve a similar problem in a test the following week.

I don’t tend to use geogebra when requiring the students to use the skills alongside other skills in a variety of dissimilar problems. However, I do find geogebra useful when asking student’s to create some of their own math and to think their way through conceptual questions. I will often use geogebra classic and have student’s create their own account with their school email, or use one of the ‘create your own’ tasks.