Using Geogebra

What’s Geogebra useful for?

  1. To create accurate static images for worksheets, tests, classroom presentations. Example: Transformations of the Sine Curve.  Students may also use Geogebra for in depth assignments.
  2. To create interactive applets for students to use to explore a concept, or for a teacher to use when presenting a concept to a class. Example.
  3. To create a classroom construction/exploration exercise. Example.
  4. To create randomly generated questions to allow your students to practice a technique as many times as required to master it. Example.


Learning to use geogebra

An interactive guide

Quickstart tutorials

A few videos listed in the table below

Description Link to 10to12 page Link to Video on Vimeo
Draw Sine Curves using degree measure. Introduction to graphing in general – setting up axes, entering graphs. Sine Function Transformations CF Using Geogebra
Draw a circle with n evenly placed points on the circumference Multiples and Factors 24 Point Circle
Using a slider to draw a set of points Exploration (iii) same
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