Three Numbers Arithmetic Game

Three Numbers Arithmetic

Make the target number using three numbers with any operations.

The numbers used must share a corner or a side and be used in order.

Click ‘next’ for a new target. There are 50 target number cards. Click ‘shuffle board’ for a new board and new target.

GeoGebra Link game

GeoGebra Link to print board

Example: Here are five different ways the number 13 could be found on this board:

More game ideas:

Speedy Eight

2 players. You need a dice, two colours, a printed grid.

Before you begin: Each player writes a list of 8 numbers between 1 and 50 for the other player to find.

To begin: roll the dice to decide who is the active player first. The highest goes first.

To play: The active player looks for any of their eight numbers, using three numbers as described above, and colours them in on the grid. Once a tile has been used it cannot be used again.

The other player rolls the dice until they roll a six. When they roll a six, they become the active player. The first person to find all eight of their numbers wins.


  1. Print a number grid. Write down the numbers 1 – 50. See how many you can find on the grid without repeating any square on the grid.
  2. Print a number grid. Write down the first 10 numbers cards shown above. See how many can be found such that the squares used do not overlap.