Dice Games for Adding

To print: Race to 100 Connected GridRace to 100 Standard Grid 

Race to 100: Sprint

A fast, simple game for 2 – 4 players. Use just one counter (eg, parent & kid) or one counter each.

Set Up: Print a 100 grid, find two dice and enough counters.

To Play: Take turns to roll two dice. If you roll a double six, go back to the start. Otherwise, add the numbers on the two dice together to get your score. Move the counter according to your score.  Land on, or pass 100 to win!

Race to 100: Obstacle Course

Set Up: Print a connected grid. Find two white dice and one red/other-colour dice and enough counters.

To Play:               

  • Use a counter to mark each player’s position.
  • On your turn, roll three dice: two white, one red.
  • Add the numbers on the white dice to find your score. Move that many spaces forward.
  • Play the red dice (use list below or make up your own).
  • Land on, or pass 100 first to win!

Red dice score (thanks to Gamewright’s Zeus on the Loose for these ideas):

  1. next player skips a turn
  2. choose: add 10 to your score or subtract 15 from another player
  3. move any player’s score to 50
  4. round any player’s score to the nearest 10
  5. subtract 10 from your own score!
  6. reverse the digits on any player’s score, 19 becomes 91; 8 becomes 80 etc

(minimum position is zero, on the START line).

 Race to 100 Connected Grid