10 to 12 Goals

In creating this website, I hope to create a reasonably organised bank of interactive teaching/learning math resources.

This site should be really useful to those that have some time set aside for learning. It is not designed to be a study guide or an exam preparation site, although there are some parts that can be used for perfecting techniques.

10 to 12 Applets

I like a lot of space when I work. I’ve chosen to make applets bigger rather than smaller, better for a monitor/projector/smart board than a phone. If any applet is not working well on a device, they can be found on my geogebra materials space here.

Feedback is welcome, especially if any errors are found on the site. Please use the contact page!

Whistler BCAMT Conference, GeoGebra Workshop

Here is the link for the various pages prepared for the Whistler BCAMT 2018 conference.

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