10 to 12 Goals

In creating this website, I hope to create a reasonably organised bank of interactive teaching/learning math resources.

I’ve mostly been adding materials as I need them in the classroom. The grade 10 course is currently the most complete as I’ve taught that course several times. We homeschool our 8 year old, which leads to the various elementary school math pages.

10 to 12 Applets

I like a lot of space when I work. I’ve chosen to make interactive applets bigger rather than smaller – better for a monitor/projector/smart board than a phone. If any applet is not working well on a device, they can be found on my GeoGebra materials space here.


My name is Lee, I began teaching mathematics in August 2000. I have taught in England, Norway, Costa Rica and in BC Canada. For 12 years I taught the IB diploma in the United World Colleges. I wrote the Mathematical Studies online textbook for kognity.com in 2014, and in so doing saw the potential for interactive classroom resources. I then downsized my career to be spend much more time with my family, and have gotten around to many things such as building a jungle gym in the garden and writing this website. I currently teach part time in my local high school.

I take lots of opportunities to be out and about or to be making things, especially with my family (kids age 4 and 8). We like to cook, hike, bike, kayak, camp, sew, explore intertidal life; swim, do puzzles, play games… I also enjoy woodwork and building this website.

Like so many people I love to make things work out – whether its making a pair of trousers that fit the four year old or getting two pieces of wood to join together perfectly. Building GeoGebra applets is a ‘great fun’ thing for me to do because to get the applet to work out the math and the scripting have to work out. I’m always looking for ways to invite kids/learners to do their own math and enjoy the immense satisfaction of making things work out.

That said, I have found it helpful in the classroom to have a ‘start’ and an ‘end’ to many of the applet activities.  I break the task of learning math curriculum into small chunks to give a sense of progress and accomplishment. There are other activities that tap into the creativity and imagination of the participant. In this way, I am a practical idealist!

If you have ideas about how you think I should be developing this site, let me know. Comments can be left on the home page or on the contact form.

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