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Review Percentages

Review Percentages Finance lesson 1

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Money Personality

Understanding that we each grow up with and develop different ideas on what is right and good about money can help us live more peacefully with others. Check out these money-personality descriptions. Do any describe you well?

4Types from Myers Briggs and Goldman Sachs and the short quiz

6 Types from Empower

Compound Interest



Learn about compound interest with CEMC courseware, click lesson 4

Lesson handout: Finance lesson 2

Lesson handout Solutions: Finance lesson 2 solutions

Calculations with Compound Interest

1. To calculate future value FV

    \[FV=PV\left(1+\dfrac{r}{n}\right)^{n\times t}\]

2. To calculate present value PV (or, ‘principle’)

    \[PV=FV\div\left(1+\dfrac{r}{n}\right)^{n\times t}\]

3. To calculate Interest, I


4. To calculate rate of return, as a percentage

    \[RoR=\dfrac{FV-PV}{PV}\times 100\]


Read each question carefully before typing in your answer. Use the ‘ans’ feature of your calculator, don’t round before your final answer.


Compound interest quiz (you may practice this any time. You will be set this task on quiz day).

Compound Interest with Regular Payments

Finance Regular Payments workplace

Finance Regular Payments workplace solutions

TVM Calculator on fncalculator.com

TVM Calculutor quiz practice

TVM Calculator quiz (you may practice this any time. You will be set this task on quiz day).

Types of Investment

The basics of investing

Assignments to submit

Finance Assignment: Finance Assign 1 How much tax

Finance Assignment: Finance Assign 2 Buy a Car

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