Grade 11 Precalculus

BC Grade 11 Pre-Calculus 2020

Unit Weight
1 Finance 10
2 Prerequisite Math 15
3 Quadratic Functions and Equations 15
4 Trigonometry 15
5 Project 15
6 Number and Inequalities 15
7 Final Exam 15

Paper 1 onlineform


Reference Sheet for final exam: Grade 11 Formula sheet

Review for final exam: Review 2020 2021

Review for final exam review 2020 2021 solutions

Factoring by The Alberta Method:


BC Curriculum

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GeoGebra Book of Interactive Applets for this course

MacTutor History of Mathematics – a place to find out who and when

MathisFun – a place to find out how

Khan Academy – a place to see it done and to try it yourself

Mr Wang Teacher’s website with course materials