Unit 4. Polynomial, Exponential and Logarithm Functions


Finding roots of a parabola

Solving from Vertex From

Solving by Factoring

Solving by the Quadratic Formula

Handout: Parabola characteristics

Introduction to Polynomial

Handout Introduction to Polynomials

Create the Polynomials

Handout: Polynomial Characteristics and Regression Analysis

Polynomial Shape Review

Handout Polynomial Shape Review

Solutions Polynomial Shape Review with Solutions

Exponential Functions

The equation and the shape handout: Exponential Equation

Regression equations using Exponential Functions Exponential Regression Class Notes and Practice

Calculating Inputs and Outputs 12 FOM Exponential equations, input and output,  regression & interpretation practice

Logarithmic Functions

Handout: Regression with a Logarithmic Function

Classroom Assessment

CA1 Characteristics of Graphs of Polynomial Functions

CA2 From Factors to Coefficients Polynomial quiz

CA3 Exponential Values

CA4 Graph of Exponential Functions

CA5 Evaluate a Logarithm