Unit 4. Polynomial, Exponential and Logarithm Functions

Test data Test Data set Gas after 1979


Finding roots of a parabola

Solving from Vertex From

Solving by Factoring

Solving by the Quadratic Formula

Handout: Parabola characteristics

Introduction to Polynomial

Handout Introduction to Polynomials

Create the Polynomials

Handout: Polynomial Characteristics and Regression Analysis

Polynomial Shape Review

Handout Polynomial Shape Review

Solutions Polynomial Shape Review with Solutions

Exponential Functions

The equation and the shape handout: Exponential Equation

Regression equations using Exponential Functions Exponential Regression Class Notes and Practice

Calculating Inputs and Outputs 12 FOM Exponential equations, input and output,  regression & interpretation practice

Logarithmic Functions

Handout: Regression with a Logarithmic Function

Evaluate the Logarithm

Classroom Assessment

CA1 Characteristics of Graphs of Polynomial Functions

CA2 From Factors to Coefficients Polynomial quiz

CA3 Exponential Values

CA4 Graph of Exponential Functions

CA5 Calculate Values of a Logarithmic Function

CA6 Choose one question from one page (409, 410, 464, 465, 496, 497). Screenshot your work on GeoGebra (spreadsheet view, graph view, algebra view) and answer the questions using sentences, with reference to the context.


Friday May 17

Paper 1: Multiple choice on characteristics of equations

Paper 2: Chrome book. Finding features of curves, regression and interpretation