Unit 3. Counting and Probability


Lesson 1

Transum Ice Cream

Boston Pizza Kid’s Menu

MathisFun The Basic Counting Principle

MathisFun Permutations and Combinations

Transum Counting

Lesson 2

Handout: Numeracy for Combinatorics, Identical Objects


Lesson 1

2 Dice Simulation

Dice games rules (River Crossing, Race to 100, Zig Zag Numbers, Qwixx by Gamewright)

Dice Game: River Crossing

Dice Game: Race to 100 and Zig Zag Numbers

Lesson 2

Simulation: Flip some Coins

Handout: Binomial Probability Distribution

Lesson 3

Mathisfun Spinner

Handout: FOM 12 Introduction to probability

Lesson 4: The probability a person is a member of a small group

Gail the Nurse or Librarian (spreadsheet)

Cut the Knot Taxicab

MathisFun False Positives

Lesson 5: Mutually Exclusive Events and Venn Diagrams

Handout: Venn Diagrams, Mutually Exclusive Events

Solutions: Diagrams A and B; Diagrams C and D; Diagrams E and F

Lesson 6: Tree for Independent events, tree for conditional events

Handout: Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Odds. And Trees

Lesson 7: Conditional Probability

Handout: Conditional Probability 4 Examples from 4 Diagrams

Classroom Assessment

1.  The counting principle: Multiplying Transum Level 3

2.  Permutations Transum Levels 4,  Transum Level 5

3.  Combinations Transum Levels 6Transum Level 7

4. Transum Probability Four levels