Project: Colliding Particles

A response to this project should contain 4 pages:

Page 1 Title page with Introduction

Page 2 Completed table of results below with paths drawn on the graph

Page 3 Calculations for your own intersecting paths

Page 4 Screen shots of your intersecting paths with link to your geogebra applet

Create a Collision

Let’s add a time dimension to intersecting lines – suppose not only that the paths of two particles intersect, but that the particles get to the intersection at the same time.

The coordinates of the particles below at time t are:

A (3+t, 1+2t)

B (-3+3t, 10-t)

Calculate the position of each particle at the following times:

 t (seconds) 0 1 2 3 4 5
Position A (4,3)
Position B (0,9) (12,5)

Calculate the equations of the paths these particles travel along. Enter your equation into the input box and press play to see if you are correct.

Which particle moves faster? How do you know?

Your turn! Open a geogebra classic page. Create a slider ‘t’ that starts at 0 and ends at 10. Plot two points, such that their paths intersect at the same value t.

Need a boom? Draw and scan your own picture, or take a copyright-free one from google images. Use insert image, put it where you want it to show up. On settings, choose advanced, condition for showing object, give a small interval for t that matches your collision.


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