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Tried, tested, free and recommended resources for learning SOH CAH TOA and the Pythagorean theorem:

Online: The Story of Trigonometry

Use the Mathigon Timeline to find ‘Hipparchus’.  Hipparchus was the mathematician who first wrote about the relationship between a chord and an arc on a circle, giving rise to the story of  trigonometry. David Joyce at Clark University tells a condensed version of the story.


printable question for using the Pythagorean theorem

Vertical Surfaces exercise. By the time students are in grade 10 they have usually interacted with the Pythagorean theorem at least once before. Question 1, 2 plus one other from 3 – 8 from this vertical surfaces collection (why vertical surfaces?) makes for a good VS exercise at the start of a unit on right angled triangles.

Corbett Math worksheets are excellent for student-directed differentiation. Conveniently, solutions are available through a QR code at the end of each worksheet. Use to create a single handout.

Corbett Maths Pythagorean Theorem

Corbett Maths Right Angle Triangle Trigonometry

Tentotwelvemath Grade 10 Trigonometry Review

Interactive Practice

Develop spatial understanding of sine and cosine

Transum Math Pythagoras’ Theorem 

Tentotwelvemath starter Estimating angles/sides on Triangles (starter activity)

Tentotwelvemath starter Estimating sine, cosine, tangent from triangle

Tentotwelvemath Estimating angles and sides practice

Tentotwelvemath Pythagoras’ Theorem

Tentotwelvemath SOH CAH TOA for Angle

Tentotwelvemath SOH CAH TOA for Side

Interactive Explore SOH CAH TOA Concepts

Tentotwelvemath Triangle Hypotenuse 1 

Tentotwelvemath Sine, Cosine, Tangent 0 – 90

Tentotwelvemath Ordering sine, cosine, tangent

GeoGebra Author Visual for Proving the Pythagorean Theorem

Interactive Assessment on SOH CAH TOA

Tentotwelvemath Practice Quiz on Pythagoras, SOH CAH TOA

Tentotwelvemath Quiz on Pythagoras, SOH CAH TOA

More Interactive Quizzes

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