3. Factors and Products


Prime Factors

HCF and LCM 

Review Integer Exponents

Factor and Simplify Expressions with Exponents

Area Problems

Multiplying Two Binomials

Factor Trinomial

Factor a Trinomial with other leading coefficients


10 FMP Assignment Unit 3 Spring 2019


Star Drawings

Straight to skills

Skill 1 Integers: identifying prime factors

Skill 2a Highest Common Factor Skill 2b Least Common Multiple

Skill 3 Factor expressions, variables and coefficients

Skill 4 Expand brackets (a+b)(c+d)

Skill 5 Factor trinomial, with leading coefficient equal to 1

Kuta Software Worksheets

Skill 1 Prime Trees;

Skill 2 Highest Common Factor (HCF or GCD)

Skill 2 Least Common Multiple (LCM)

Skill 2 HCF and LCM with Prime Factors

Skill 3 Factoring with exponents

Skill 4 Multiplying polynomials

Skill 5 Factor trinomial basic

Skill 5 Factor trinomial a \ne 1

Skill 5 Factor trinomial special cases