Add up to …

You Set the Target!

Level 1 – set the total to 10 or to 20.

Level 2 – set the total to 50 or 100.

Level 3 – set the total to something else, such as 44 or 78.

Three dice game

Click on ‘new board’ to generate a number grid.

Two or Three Players

Goal: Create your territory by joining squares side to side. One territory per player.

To Play: Players choose one colour each – green, blue or orange. Roll three dice, add or subtract the numbers on the dice to make a number shown on the board. If a number is made, the player may click on the square to their colour, or may pass. If they cannot make an available number, they pass.

The game ends when all players pass on one round. All squares that are joined by a side to the territory gain points as follows: 10 points for each square numbered 1 – 10; 11 for 11, 12 for 12 etc up to 18 points for the 18 square. For each square that has been coloured but is not part of the territory, deduct its value.

Lets be fair: emergent adders use 4 dice, and choose to add or subtract any two or three of them. Accomplished adders use 3 dice, and must use all three in the addition/subtraction.

Print from here to play off-screen!


Goal create a green snake from outer edge to opposite edge, using squares that join edge to edge.

To Play: Your colour is green. Roll the three dice, add or subtract the numbers on the dice to make a number shown on the board. Colour squares green when your dice give you a number you think you can use in your snake. Colour any square blue when you wish to pass on a turn. The game finishes when the snake makes it to the opposite side, or the snake is blocked by blue. If there any green squares not joined to the snake by a side of a square, or if your snake is blocked you lose. Otherwise when you make it all the way across if there are more green squares than blue squares, you win.

Addition Triangles

Addition Triangles from Math Playground:

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