6B1 Spreadsheet Project Introduction and Data

Being able to use excel or a spreadsheet is a requirement in many jobs and an asset in so many more. Check out this link: goskills.com/excel

And a 2 1/2 minute summary

In completing this project, you will be able to:

populate a column with one formula

create simple or compound formulae for one or more columns

carry cells from multiple sheets onto a summary sheet

create graphs/charts about your data

Write up a summary using relevant data values from the spreadsheet on a google doc.

Get Started!

Open a Google Doc and Title it with your name, 11AW Excel Project.

Open a Google Sheet and give it the same name.

Choose a topic


Nutritional analysis of a 7 day food plan

Calorie burning analysis of a 7 day exercise plan

Comparative quality of life indices for various countries of interest

Compare the constellations. Choose 3 or 4 constellations. Take a page for each constellation. For each main star, find distance in light years,other factors of interest.

Track activities of three or four people over 7 days (free, sleep, school, study, work, sport etc)

Track your finance over 3 or 4 pay periods (income, expenditure, categories of both)

…Example data: Summer Olympics 3 Countries Medal Study